Vision Board Workshop

See it! Glue it! Bring it to your life!

What does 2022 look like to you? For some reason, I see a lot of purply blue. Hmmm I wonder how that will show up in my Vision Board? Yes; colors, shapes, words, abstract or literal pictures and three dimensional items can all be part of a vision board. Whatever is meaningful to you. Whatever is a visualization of what you want to bring to 2022. Maybe your vision is to build on successes from this year. Or is there something new you will bring to your life?

Join us in setting your vision for 2022

The Vision Board is a proven tool that helps us realize our goals. We have found this tool powerful in helping to manifest goals and would like to share this useful experience with you through our virtual Vision Board workshop.

Pause for a few hours, create a visualization of what your goals look like, process your thoughts through discussion, complete your vision board and start attracting what you want into your life.

What is a vision board:
A vision board is a collage that uses the Law of Attraction to bring what you want into your life. It is a tool to help you envision your goals through pictures and provide a daily reminder.
Bit of Science: Your subconscious mind thinks in terms of pictures. Repeated exposure to positive visuals will program your subconscious. You must see something in your mind to bring it into being.

There is no charge for attending the Workshop.

We do ask that you donate (suggested $30) to Dress for Success Seattle, a non-profit organization empowering women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, development tools, and professional attire to thrive in work and in life. Their work is more important than ever as the pandemic has had the most negative effect on women.

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If you’ll be donating by check you can send to:

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If there is another charity you prefer to donate to please feel free to. All donations are made privately. If you wish to share your donation please send to Marlynn and she is happy to share with the group during the workshop.


Anyone interested in creating their vision for 2022.


January 12, 2022 6-8pm Pacific Time


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Preparing for the workshop

1) Create a list of goals you would like to achieve in the next 6 months. Think about what you want to bring to your life in some or all of the following domains: career, relationships, finances, home, travel, personal growth, spirituality, social life, education, or health.
Here are some questions you can ask yourself: What more do you want? What would you like to learn/ master? What color is your life now what color would you like it to be in 6 months? What words express who you are or aspire to be? What do you want to accomplish/get done? What do you want to look like? Inside and out?

2) Decide on what you will use as your board

3) Find materials that represent what your goals look like. Prepare them but do not attach to your board.

4) Zoom: Make sure you know how to use Zoom

5) Time: Arrange to have 2 hours of uninterrupted time and space to create!

The Zoom Meeting will be open 15 minutes before the Workshop begins at 6pm. Additional information will be sent after registration.

During the workshop

Your time in the workshop is a chance for you look at the visuals you have collected and decide what will be put on your board. We will begin with a Guided Imagery exercise to help you bring your focus to the creation of your vision board. Then you will have time to work individually on your boards before going into a break out room with other participants. In the breakout room you will continue to sort, glue, bring your board to life while discussing your process and vision with the others. Pam and I will be joining you in the break out rooms to answer questions and to help facilitate the group conversation.

Your workshop facilitators

Marlynn Haslund – Ripple Effect Career Development & Pam Marcheski – IntentAct

IntentAct, Intentions to Actions Leadership –