About You

You are an individual

and you are...

  • Curious about what other career paths are open to you
  • Returning to work after a long absence
  • Concerned about your job performance
  • Uninspired at work
  • Exploring an Encore Career
  • Thinking about downsizing your career
  • On the right career track but want to talk it through
  • Exploring retirement options
  • Dealing with conflict at work
  • Looking for a job and need to understand and navigate the job market
  • Starting a new job and want to create a 90 Day success plan

You are an organization

and you are...

  • Creating a career development program
  • Providing career coaching for employees
  • Providing executive coaching for your leadership team
  • Looking for creative team building events
  • Looking for career specific workshops and classes

Next Steps…

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