About Me

Whether your concern is career growth, a job change or setting yourself up for success, let's work together to make ripples in your career.


Helping people find what is right for them is my job and my passion.

My Superpower is recognizing when someone is in a difficult position in their work life, working with them to uncover what the issue is and implementing a plan to create positive ripples in their career. I believe that we have unique qualities and interests that we bring to the right job, right industry, right work culture at the right time.

I have made this journey many times myself. My interests changed, talents evolved and challenges presented themselves as I grew into new roles. I found it a tricky road. Sometimes I had guidance and other times I didn’t. I was most successful when I had someone to talk to, brainstorm with and be my compassionate advisor.


What you can expect?

You can expect to reflect on who you are right now in your career and be encouraged to explore uncommon possibilities.

You will be required to participate with hard thinking and sometimes hard realizations as we collaborate to take steps toward your goals.

You can expect to be listened to and to be given honest feedback.


What experience do I have?

I have 34 years in the workforce with 23 years as a professional in workforce management, development and optimization. I have developed programs to meet technical and business needs, designed career paths and succession plans and individually coached professionals on workplace and career challenges. My success is due to my ability to listen, be objective and help people find solutions that work for them as an individual and the work environment they are in.

My own work life has included a number of career changes and job changes. My undergraduate degree in Broadcasting and Film resulted in over 10 years in the film and television industries before I decided to undertake a Masters in Organizational Learning. I brought my new education to the high tech industry for 16 years in operations and people development roles.

Then, a lay off gave me a chance to stop and consider my options and I began Ripple Effect Career Development in 2011. About 6 years ago I began supporting clients for RiseSmart an outplacement firm as a Senior Transition Coach and have found a wonderful balance between my private practice and outplacement clients.

As a graduate of the Co-Active Training Institute, I practice a Co-Active coaching model, where the term “Co-Active” refers to the active collaboration of the coach and the client. Through Randstad RiseSmart I have honed my skills in transitioning to a new job, career , entrepreneurship and retirement to become a Certified Transition Coach.

And, more recently I completed the Envision Evolution Center for Equilibrium Coaching Certification program which allowed me to take a deeper dive into the core competencies of a coaching from the holistic belief that person’s overall health must engage the mind, body and spirit.

I am a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaches Federation dedicated to continuously improving the Coaching Profession through standards of practice, competency and ethics.


My clients say it best.

Jessica G Hill

Digital Media & Entertainment Product Management, Writer/Producer

Christine T.

VP Marketing & Development

Bill V.

CFO/COO at Optima Sports Group | Sports Analytics

Micaela L.

Aerospace, Mechanical engineer

I could not have found a better person to coach me through a major career transition as Marlynn. Above and beyond knowing all of the tools and latest thinking around career coaching and outplacement, Marlynn has a talent for the human side of these often complex situations. Marlynn never shied away from taking into account all aspects of me as a person (family-life, finances, health, creative aspirations, etc.) when guiding me on my search. I was able to be 100% honest with her and in turn, develop the right opportunities and an individualized career/life plan that met my needs. She truly is amazing and can help you put the magic back into your career.

Marlynn is a fabulous teacher, mentor and coach. I had the privilege of working with her for a year while navigating my way through a professional challenge. She listened, provided valuable advice and supported me in my growth as a leader. Working with a coach, I learned new skills and grew in many positive ways. I’m proud to recommend Marlynn to my friends and colleagues. Those who choose to work with her will be rewarded beyond measure.

Marlynn is great to work with! Part coach, part cheerleader, part therapist! She knew when to push me, and when to ease off and just listen. She provided A LOT of great advice! It’s been a year since I worked with her and I still find myself looking through my notes for tips that she had given me. I miss being able to have my check-ins with her! I would recommend her for coaching, job search or even to help talk you off the ledge. She is wonderful!

Marlynn helped me at a crucial time. Her guidance, knowledge, and support assisted my transition to both a knew position and a growth mindset.
I appreciated Marlynn’s:
-Guidance on how to manage my transition, on helpful resources, networking, working with recruiters
-LinkedIn, interview, negotiation tips
-Belief in me & support

I recommend Marlynn to anyone going through a job transition.


Only I can change my life.
No one can do it for me.